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Neighborhood system a resource for positive change
Adventist Hospital presents master plan for future expansion
Mid-County restaurateur puts up his dukes and does it for the kids and the community
Urban Renewal funding idea floated

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Are you a business owner or manager who wants to let the Mid-county community know about your new product, service, or innovation? Each month, the Business Memo section takes a look at what’s happening in the world of Mid-county businesses, whether large or small, new or old. Have you recently moved, expanded or changed ownership or management? Let thousands of local people learn what is new with you by publicizing it in the Mid-county Memo.

Submissions for each month are due by the 15th of the previous month. We prefer e-mailed submissions sent to Dawn Widler, Department Editor at editor@midcountymemo.com. You may also mail complete information to 4052 N.E. 22nd Ave., Portland, OR, 97212-1503, phone 503-287-8904 or fax 503-249-7672. The Mid-county Memo will publish submissions on a space-available basis.

Mid-county CPA learns more
Robin Gulde, a local CPA and partner in the Mid-county accounting firm of Gulde & Ortquist, PC, recently attended the annual American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) National Conference of Federal Taxes. He traveled to Washington, DC to attend this conference.

The conference featured speakers from the CPA profession, Treasury Department, Council for House Ways and Means Committee, Senate Republican Chief Counsel and executive level officials from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Participants received information about current tax law, recent court decisions, and changes proposed for the near future.

Gulde & Ortquist, PC is located in the Gateway area, at 11160 N.E. Halsey St. This firm focuses on the needs of individuals and small businesses. Targeting the service, construction and retail industries, Gulde & Ortquist, PC is able to provide valued personal service that goes far beyond the basics. Gulde feels that the information that he received at the conference will greatly enhance the firm’s ability to serve its clients.

For more information about Gulde & Ortquist, PC, please call them at 503-261-9608.

Get ready for Christmas
There’s more to the holidays than just buying presents for your loved ones. With today’s far-flung families, holiday shopping also requires holiday shipping. Shipping holiday items means pre-planning and more attention to detail. More than 350 million packages were shipped last year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, according to UPS. The Postal Annex again stands ready to help with this year’s holiday shipping.

Our local Postal Annex offers helpful services to make packing and shipping holiday goods easier. The Postal Annex is able to ship via FedEx, UPS, or the Postal Service and carries all of the boxes, tape, bubble-wrap, and shipping materials needed to ship any package. They are also conveniently located at 11954 N.E. Glisan St. in the Glisan Street Station Shopping Center.

For the Holiday season, the Postal Annex staff offers the following helpful tips.

• Start thinking about the holidays now. Create a list of people to buy for and purchase the gifts for those you have to ship to first.
• Gather your shipping addresses early. Put it all together so when you arrive at your local Postal Annex you don’t have to frantically search for Aunt Betty’s zip code.
• Ship in bulk. Postal Annex stores offer valuable coupons for savings with the more packages you ship.
• Plan your shipment for the “drop factor.” According to Bruce Altizer, owner of the Glisan Street Station Postal Annex, “Some people believe the box alone will be enough to protect its contents, but that just isn’t enough. You should be able to drop your package from waist height several times. If you are confident that it will not be damaged, then your package is ready for shipment.”
• Fragile items such as glassware, picture frames, candles, etc. must be packaged carefully. “We use plenty of padding and cushioning on everything that could potentially break,” says Altizer. “We do everything we can to make sure your gift will arrive safely. In four years of packing, we’ve only had one item we’ve packed get damaged.”
• New, rigid boxes with the flaps intact are recommended. If re-using a box, avoid beer, wine, and liquor boxes, as well as boxes used to ship hazardous materials. Seal your boxes with packaging tape, not duct tape or masking tape, which don’t hold up. Do not use string or paper wrapping to secure the box on the outside.
• Attach only one address label to each box, and remove old labels and delivery markings. Put a duplicate label in the box in case the outer label is damaged.

The Postal Annex owner and staff are experts in packing and shipping. They strive to provide the best customer service for all your needs. For more information on holiday packaging and shipping, please contact Bruce Altizer of the Postal Annex at 503-261-1575.

The garage door and more
A garage door opener is no longer just a garage door opener. Homeowners considering updating, replacing or installing a new model have many options to consider today. A top priority for many homeowners is ensuring their families’ safety and security.

Edelen Custom Windows and Doors knows that this small appliance operates the largest and quite often main entrance to the home. That is why they have continued to offer new and improved accessories to help customers secure their homes safely and conveniently for 25 years.

“Like many appliances in your home, garage door openers have evolved to offer many more options with the ultimate result being enhanced safety, security and convenience,” said Denny Edelen, owner of Edelen Custom Windows and Doors.

Today, garage door openers can control lighting, detect objects blocking the path of the garage door, reverse the direction of the door, block code-stealing devices and much more. Edelen Custom Windows and Doors offer a keyless entry, which mounts outside on the garage door jamb to allow keyless access with a security code. They also have a multi-function remote control available that can open up to three garage doors and turn garage door opener and house lights on with a plug in light control, independent of garage door operation. A multi-function control panel is also available that includes not only a push button for opening and closing the door, but also an adjustable light timer and a light switch for extra lighting.

In addition, Edelen Custom Windows and Doors offers a motion detecting control panel. This is the only control panel on the market with a motion sensing capability to activate garage door opener lights when you enter a dark garage. This hands-free panel will automatically turn the lights off when motion is no longer detected.

Started in 1977, Edelen Custom Doors began as a garage door and garage door opener installer, and eventually grew to offer garage door service, custom doors, wood and vinyl windows, siding, decks, fencing, awnings and skylights.

Quality customer service is their specialty, and all installations are guaranteed. With their strong commitment to quality, service, and customer communication, Edelen Custom Doors & Windows has earned the respect of architects, builders, remodelers, and homeowners alike. Come see why today. Visit their Gateway Area location at 700 N.E. 100th Ave., or call 503-255-6552 for more information.

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