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Veterans visibly venerated at Parkrose Chateau

Parkrose Chateau, a senior independent living community in east Portland, builds a Wall of Honor recognizing the military service of residents and staff


Parkrose Chateau resident and staff military veterans pose in front of the recently completed Wall of Honor. They are, seated, from left, Resident Manager Gale Simpson, Air Force and CIA; John Scheele, Navy; Harold Nelson, Coast Guard; Betty Johnson, US Army Nurse; Ruth Westerinen, US Army; Herb Starr, Coast Guard; and Doris Bills, US Army. Standing, from left, Paul Anderson, US Army; Miles Patrick, US Army; Brian Shepard, British and Canadian Army; Joe Walker, US Army; Jack Klocko, US Army; Jed Kaull, Air Force; Don Bean, Air Force; Jim Patton, US Army; Bill Broad, Navy; and Parkrose Chateau Enrichment Coordinator Shelly Houska, who served in the Navy and Coast Guard.
Not pictured: Galvin Yoakam, US Army; Kristie Mosbrucker, US Army; and Dick Baucke, who also served in the US Army.

Free Consultation & Cleaning resident manager Judie simpson looks at the certificate of authenticity certifying the american flag displayed on their wall of honor was flown over the uss arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor in hawaii for a specific period.
When Holiday Retirement's General Sales leader Donna Jones transferred to Parkrose Chateau last month, she brought the desire to replicate the veteran's tribute wall she designed and built at her previous posting, Gresham Manor. The Parkrose Chateau's Wall of Honor was competed and dedicated last month.

With every branch of the service except the Marine Corps represented, the wall is in the main dining area of the facility.

“We wanted it to be unique and a way to honor those who have given so much for us,” Jones said.

Made with a little different composition material from the wall at the Gresham Manor, “We decided on tile based on some of the local veterans walls in the area,” she said.

The American flag on display was flown at the site of the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii
After the material was selected, photos taken and flag secured, the Parkrose Chateau management rolled up their sleeves and spent a few days building it. “We're excited about our veterans, our Veterans Programs Parkrose Chateau at Holiday Retirement and being able to say thank you for all they have done,” Jones added.

Bill Broad, a Chateau resident since 2006 who served in the US Navy during Word War II, said, “It was very nice of them to put it up; we veterans appreciate it. These few photographs on our wall are but a token of the many that serve and have served in our numerous wars. We must not forget those who have died and those who have suffered injury.”

Holiday Retirement, Parkrose Chateau's parent company, currently has over 8,000 veterans living in their 300 communities in North America.

Veterans find that Holiday Retirement is dedicated to celebrating veterans and supporting important veteran-related causes. Holiday Retirement is a National Founding Partner in the Veteran's History Project, and regularly host events at their facilities dedicated to veterans. They also join with veteran service partners and host benefit seminars, which provide valuable guidance in obtaining Federal Aid & Attendance benefits. The Parkrose Chateau is holding just such a seminar for veterans Saturday, October 9 from 2 to 4 p.m. Holiday Retirement communities also celebrate resident military veterans at events during national holidays like the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Flag Day, and other celebrations.
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