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Religious leader raises red flag in Parkrose
To the editor:

I have been a part of the business and faith community of Parkrose for almost three years. My employer, Eastside Foursquare Church, purchased the old Flamingo/Travelodge hotel property at Northeast 97th Avenue and Sandy Boulevard in June 2004. As neighbors in this community know, the hotel was in disrepair and had become an undesirable place, given over to drug activity and the sex trade. We have spent the last couple of years working hard to eliminate that element and to make the property an asset to the community.

The Parkrose business and neighborhood communities have made us feel welcome and have applauded the work that has been done. We have seen the property turn around. We were also able to re-flag the hotel as a Quality Inn and Suites and Rodeway Inn. Business people and families are now the usual guests and not those involved in criminal activity. Thank you, Parkrose, for your support.

It came to our attention some time ago that the building at 9500 N.E. Sandy Blvd., which was previously occupied by a glass company, is for lease. About a week ago, we confirmed with the current owner of the property that he is actively marketing the property to adult-oriented businesses; video stores or strip clubs.

We understand that he has the legal right to lease to that kind of tenant; we also know that the influence of a business like this may well bring an element back to Parkrose that we are trying to discourage. We are concerned about adult-oriented businesses locating next to schools, daycares, residential neighborhoods and places of worship. If an adult-oriented business occupies that property, it will be very close to several of the areas of concern. We know it will be difficult to proceed on an issue like this, however in the interest of the children of our community and in the interest of business and property values, we know that we must take whatever steps are needed to continue making a difference in our neighborhood.

We are asking Parkrose neighbors and business operators to be aware of this issue. If you would like more information on the steps we are taking to discourage this move or if you would like to be involved in some way, please contact us. You may call me at 503-226-4900, ext. 428, or e-mail me at


David Walmer

General Manager
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